Portugal, A Walking Destination

Walking is one of the best ways to explore Portugal and you can do it all year long. Come find out more! 

You can find in all regions, including Azores and Madeira, a great variety of trails that meet all tastes and interests: whether it is by the sea, villages and towns, along the levadas (typical irrigation channels) or trails, pedestrian walks can have well-defined starting and ending points, or be enjoyed simply for the pleasure of walking and seeing all that comes in your way. 

All presented Routes and trails have guides and maps with all required information to start your walk. You may choose between Large Routes or shorter and easier trails. 

We recommend Programmes organized by companies, with specialized guides who will help you uncover all interest sites and with additional services for experience improvement: accommodation of different categories, regional gastronomy and visits to local culture. 

If you prefer to walk at your own pace, companies can also provide you with self-guided tours and other Services you may wish to add to your experience. 

Simply choose where to begin and go on exploring another RegionRoute or Trail.


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