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Walk from Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo to Tavira City. This walk is 22 km long and easy walk to regular walkers.




Smuggler´s Trail

Long distance path from Santa Catarina to Tavira city is a nice way to walk from the hills to the farming area and city in one route. You have trail running option.
In this route you will be deploy in Sta. Catarina and come back to Tavira, walking on gravel and shale tracks, passing streams, valleys and hills. Recover energy at the hidden waterfall and keep walking to Tavira. Enjoy different landscapes, blossoms and colors.
22 km walking trail – cumulate +245m
Working days: Monday to Saturday
From: 30€ per person
min 2 pax (groups of 6) starting time may change
Transport, guide, insurance and snack included


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